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  • December 24, 2017
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When you have a smaller penis size than you want, it’s easy to see a glossy advertisement in a magazine, promising the answer to all of your problems and believe it.  Surgical penis enlargement, being only a “short 2 hour procedure” seems like a pretty good option for anyone anxious for results. However, while surgeries can provide real results in an extremely short period of time, instant gratification is not always best.
Surgery is not a method I would personally recommend, but I want to give you the facts about this procedure so you can consider if it’s right for your own personal needs.  The following are short summaries of my articles related to enlargement surgery and the natural options which I recommend over and above it.  Follow the links to read the full articles.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Any elective surgical procedure, including penis enlargement surgery requires serious consideration and complete knowledge of all facts before pursuing. Penis surgery is fairly new and extremely risky, with many possible side effects and many possible negative complications. There are 4 basic types of penis surgery – suspensory ligament surgery, real penile lengthening, fat injections and penis implants. In my surgery section I’ll describe each procedure in detail for you.

Permanent Penis Enlargement

In this article I’ll tell you about what medical research says about permanent penis enlargement techniques. I’ll talk about what the leading researchers recommend and don’t recommend and the reasons why. We’ll discuss the side effects of surgery and other options and answer the question, “Are those who have undergone the surgery generally happy with the results?”.

Penis Enlargement Techniques

In this section I will weigh all of the information found in “Penis Enlargement Surgery” and “Permanent Penis Enlargement” about penis surgery. We’ll compare surgery to other penis enlargement techniques and weigh the pros and cons of each.  This will help you understand why I whole heartedly recommend the pill and extender over surgery.

Penis Enlargement Methods

There are many penis enlargement methods worth considering, from penis pills to penis extenders, and, depending on how you feel about it, penis surgery. Especially when considering surgery, serious thought, consideration and research is necessary before pursuing a change to your body. Of all the penis enlargement methods, surgery definitely poses the most risks and negative side effects. Learn all the facts and decide for yourself if penis enlargement with surgery is right for you. Personally I think there are far better options.

I recommend using the pill over all other methods

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