How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Using Pills

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  • January 27, 2018
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Penis Extender

On the “Do Penis Extenders Work?“page we spoke at length about how to make your penis bigger without using pills. Here you’ll find a more in-depth explanation of how and why this device works.

Our tests have clearly shown that the best results come from use of a penis extender simultaneously with a pill or herbal supplement. The combination is the best recipe. However, there are certainly people who prefer not to, or cannot, take the pill for dietary reasons. For you, we’ve looked into the results of using the extender on it’s own.

In short, a penis extender works by using traction. Traction means naturally stretching the penis with continual force, elongating the muscles, and encouraging them to grow thicker and stronger—exactly like working out. The effects are permanent and long term, but can only be reached through long-term continuous use of the stretcher. This is not a quick fix technique and has been proven by research to be an effective method for increasing penis size only after a period of about 6 months or so. Basically, if you commit the time and dedication to using this device, it will work after extensive usage.

What is The Best Penis Enlargement Extender?

We know the frustration that can come from trying to separate the different brands and methods of penis enlargement. After extensive research we have found two penis extenders that we can confidently recommend above all others. While most penis extenders may tend to look the same, there are considerable differences in the quality, comfort and functionality of each design.

Choosing The Right Penis Extender Device

Here are some things to consider when searching for the right penis extender:

  1. Price – The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best product or the best option. Take time to research the physical unit and to personally evaluate its quality. Also see what extra features and benefits come with your penis extender (many companies offer you access to online forums, a member’s only area to their sites, free subscriptions to other sites and various DVDs.) It’s not just about the bottom line.
  2. Money Back Guarantee – A reputable company should be a clear, well explained return policy. A 6-month return policy is the industry standard, for this device. Some return policies can be confusing, so ask the company all of the details before making any purchase
  3. Overall Company Quality – When you call or speak directly to the company do they provide you with clear, understandable information? Do they answer your questions in a courteous manner or are they just trying to sell you a product?
  4. Independent reviews – Do the research and see what other people have said about their experience using this device.
  5. Company Promises – What does this company promise? Is it realistic? Make sure to read the company promises so you can have it clearly spelled out for you what the company intends to provide you with in terms of their product. Don’t make assumptions.

Read our penis extender reviews and make an informed descision

Final Conclusions About Penis Extenders

After testing 10 of the best known devices, these are the best rated penis extenders. For faster, more pronounced results we do recommend a combination of stretching with a penis pill or patch, but with a certain level of patience one can still see considerable growth with a stretching device.


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